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GREYCAL Homes is an urban real estate development, investment and portfolio management firm with a vision of changing the real estate development terrain in Nigeria and West Africa at large.

GREYCAL Homes, as a property development and management company is committed to quality and timely delivery of projects. Our homes are a distinctive combination of aesthetics and modesty. Evident in every of our projects is our attention to detail, form and function. We endeavour to contribute our quota towards developing, nurturing, promoting and preserving the Nigerian Housing Scheme’s vision and the society in general.

GREYCAL Homes is one of the foremost real estate development companies in Nigeria, drawing on a wide range of partnerships within the industry, has been able to create real estate development solutions that meet the needs of many Nigerians. A fast-growing Estate Development company,  poised to become the first recourse in the West African Sub-Region in the provision of Affordable mass Housing in various solution options.

At present, the company portfolio includes Quality construction of private residences, bungalows and duplexes, shopping malls and high rise buildings. We also have Estate plots for private residence, small apartment buildings, mixed use buildings, commercial lands, shopping  and institutional structures.

As an urban developer and manager of residential, mixed use and retail properties, we have successfully been able to provide investors with above generous returns due to our keen understanding of the interplay of the economic forces and indices in the Lagos Metropolis and Nigeria market as a whole. GREYCAL Homes applies its knowledge of the market and neighbourhood trends to identify and acquire real estate in areas that have substantial upside appreciation and potential for post-acquisition development, lease and sales.

GREYCAL Homes also provides provide a full range of services to local and foreign investors, Sellers and buyers of real estate as well as prospectors. A team of experienced professionals is dedicated to enhancing the value of client investments throughout Nigeria. In the field of real estate management GREYCAL Homes due to its technical capability is involved throughout the entire life cycle of a property investment be it from acquisition to disposition or investment to maturity.