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We are a one-stop Real Estate Consultants, Construction, Built-Construction Procurement Services, Automobile service and Project Management Company. We are known to partner with our clients and customers for all their project needs with aim to eradicate long and costly chains of product & service delivery, while ensuring quality at a fair bargain.

Greycal Ltd & Deloiv Nigeria Ltd jointly partner with various construction companies, High Tensile Milling factories, Stone-blasting Quarries, Local & International Manufacturing outfits, Private Developers, Civil & Structural Engineers, Architects, Project Managers and Government Agencies with desire to provide Built-construction services, Real Estate, Automobile & Logistics services, Optimal Marketing & Sales ServicesProcurement Services, Deliveries of construction items ranging from earth materials way up to roofing materials.


MISSION:- GREYcal is in the business to provide Real Estate, Built-construction, Automobile & Logistics services with specifics to High-Quality and affordability for every individual, family and organization being served.


VISION:- GREYcal hopes to tackle World’s Housing, procurement & Logistics Crisis, with Focus on Nigeria, with aspirations to continue to provide the state-of-the-art residential and commercial accommodations alongside tailored procurement and Logistics Services, at incredibly affordable prices.